Monday, April 5, 2010

Part 36: Restart, restart, restart

I was out of the office for a couple of weeks and, apparently, Windows took it upon itself to download some update. And now that it has done so, it prompts me, every 15 minutes to restart. But it gives me 15 minutes to say no. What I really want to do is go about my business today, and restart at the end of the day when I shut down my computer. But "restart later" simply resets the clock.

Please, Windows, why can't you give me a "restart at my own goddamn convenience" button?!

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Dave said...

This very issue prompted me to type 'I hate Windows' into Google just now. I use Windows in a virtual machine to run SQL Server which I need for my work. The host OS is Linux. Unfortunately I forgot to turn off automatic updates when I built the image and I now have multiple snapshots based off this image.

So each time I revert to the snapshot Windows obviously goes right ahead and downloads all the same updates over and over again. Now this message pops up when I have the VM minimised and I'm busily testing our web application when I hear that dreaded shutdown music; switch to the VM just in time to see it disappear and cause the web application to crash.

I caught the message today and clicked restart later. I thought wow that was lucky and turned off automatic updates. Then half an hour later I hear that dreaded music and it was rebooting. So turning off auto updates doesn't even stop this god damn message.

The only thing I can do is rebuild the VM from scratch and spend days reinstalling and recreating snapshots. Although I'll probably forget something else that will cause me to punch my computer and once again Google 'I hate Windows'.